For more than twenty years we have been collaborating with high quality national and international brands for the DESIGN and DECORATION of spaces suitable for the needs of our children. Furnishings, wallpapers and fabrics, design furnishing accessories, sought and selected in Italy and abroad or made to measure.

Passion and long experience have led us to COLLABORATE with architects and interior designers in the design and decoration phases of rooms for children and teenagers. Collaborations that have expanded with the new possibilities of communication, even virtual.

WE SUPPORT THE PROFESSIONAL, in the choice of products or with specific advice in designing a space that, unlike others in the house, is in its specificity very changeable over time and not always easy to approach, due to the needs posed by parents and children themselves .

We understood how important it is to imagine functional spaces able to adapt to the different phases of growth and how much this SECTOR is still LITTLE EXPLORED in Italy. This is why we have decided in recent years to PUT US AT THE SERVICE of those who finally want to deepen the subject of "child" within their project and / or want to delegate it to focus on something else.

WE ACCOMPANY YOU in the process of creating YOUR PROJECT and in the search for the most suitable products to achieve it, also OFFERING you opportunities for DEDICATED DISCOUNTS that facilitate both you and your customer.

In addition to assistance in the design and choice of the many products among the brands we collaborate with, we can also arrange for you to realize: Upholstery, carpentry, lampshades and objects in paper or fabric.

We look forward to your questions to start supporting you!

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