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Wall print Out of Space . From Inke, a new design in the collection of high quality print on woven-non-woven fleece by vintage taste. An original and trendy alternative to traditional wallpaper, available in three size.

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Spedizione Gratuita per Ordini da 100€ Esclusi Articoli Voluminosi
Spedizione Gratuita per Ordini da 100€ Esclusi Articoli Voluminosi

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- Available in three size: L,XL, XXL.
- Material: woven-non-woven.
- Dimension of wall print:
   L (width) 200cm, (height) 280cm - 6 panels - Ref IK2170;
   XL (width) 300cm, (height) 280cm - 6 panels - Ref IK2171;
   XXL (width) 400cm, (height) 280cm - 8 panels - Ref IK2172.
- Dimensions of single panel: (width) 50cm, (height) 2800cm.
- Non-woven wallpaper is easy to apply on any smooth surface: just apply glue to the wall and place the strips next to another.
- ADVICE, if you need more than a wall print we reccomanded to order them all at once, in one single order, so the panels are from the same printing batch.
- Made in Holland.
- Delivery: the terms of delivery could be extended of a few days if the panel is in production.      

Hanging non-woven wallpapers:
apply the wallpaper paste to the wall and then apply the panel to the wall; take care when matching the edges to ensure the pattern matches correctly.