binnichi roma

Once upon a time

an architect who became a Mom

Angela was born and she discovered a wonderful world of fantasy and color , a world that every day could be reinvented and enhanced , because it was the universe where Angela grew, discovered and dreamed . So ... a few years later ... he born BINNICHI ' . It was 1999 .
BINNICHI' is a universe to be explored with the curiosity of a child , with the enthusiasm of those who love them and others a bit ' child still wants to be.


special games that will leave your children free to invent and dream.


with love , because it is not true that you give wearily, " the same things " . There is a world full of ideas , to devote to the one you love .

everything is proposed , examined and recommended by those who believe in what he does , because he chose to do this

Come in

with the mind and heart open and find out!

It 's all that I can tell you.

Antonella and … Angela